Red Robe vs SALTIE changing robe

Red Robe vs SALTIE changing robe


From cold water swimmers, hikers, paddleboarders and even dog walkers a change robe has become an essential piece of equipment to take with you on a day out. Providing you with a durable outer shell, and a soft moisture-wicking inner layer a waterproof changing robe has become not only a handy piece of watersports equipment but also a fashion item, worn around town and on beach walks all weekend long. There are many Change robe companies out there but, not all are created equally. Read on and we’ll compare two of the best in the ‘biz. Red Robe vs Saltie Robe.

What actually is a change robe?

A changing robe is an oversized coat made of a waterproof outer layer and a super soft moisture-wicking inner layer. The outer layer is designed to keep you dry even in the most adverse weather conditions and the inner layer is designed to dry you quickly after you get out of the water and regulate your body temperature. The oversized design was created to give wearers a spot to get changed under, the larger sleeves and oversized body means that there is plenty of space to take your wet swim gear off and change into your dry clothes without any clothing mishaps.

Why do I need a change robe?

Essentially, a change robe offers warmth, dryness and privacy to its wearers. If you’re a fan of any watersports or outdoor sports then could benefit from a change robe. They really are an epic piece of kit to help you warm up and dry off plus, not forgetting an essential spot to get changed under.

Aren’t all change robes the same?

Each change robe has the same fundamentals. However, the details can differ vastly. From just how waterproof they actually are, to their moisture-wicking properties to the fit and lastly, if they’re made using sustainable materials or not.

Red Robe vs Saltie Change Robe

There are many change robes out there but, only some that are making a name for themselves. Two of those are Red Robes and Saltie Change Robes. So, which one should you go for? Below we discuss the differences between the two change robes.

Red Original Pro Change Robe

Red have proved themselves in the world of paddleboarding and their Red Robes are no exception. Made of a waterproof and breathable outer shell with PFC DWR to keep the water out, and a cosy inner lining that dries you easily and warms you with insulating softness. They offer a wide range of change robes in various designs and colours and compete with the best in the business on price.

Ranging from £159.95 – £164.95 for an Adult Red Change Robe

– Waterproof up to 8000mm
+ 3000 g/m2/d Breathable outer shell

+ YKK two-way fully reversible zip
+ Toggled hood
+ Magnet closure on 2 of 5 pockets
+ Made of 100% recyclable materials

Saltie Elite Adult Change Robe

Saltie Sports stormed the change robe scene in 2020 with its top-of-the-league, budget-friendly changing robe. Since then their robes have gone from strength to strength improving the design, and functionality and making all of their robes from 100% recycled materials.

Saltie has kept its promise to be cheaper than alternatives whilst not compromising on design or use.

The Saltie Elite Adult Change Robe is complete with two deep, microfibre-lined external zip pockets and one zipped inner pocket, ideal to keep your essentials safe and your hands toasty. Unlike other brands the Saltie inner pocket is created in an upright position, which may seem like a small thing, but, keeping your phone safe in a side-opening pocket can prove an issue. Like other market leaders, the Saltie Change Robe is finished with chunky velcro cuff adjusters to secure the sleeves around your wrists and keep them warm.

£139.95 for an Adult Change Robe

+ Waterproof up to 10,000mm
+ 3000 g/m2/d Breathable outer shell
+ YKK two-way fully reversible zip
– 4 pockets
+ Made of 100% recyclable materials
+ Upright opening inner pockets

You can buy your Saltie Elite Change Robe here.

In conclusion, both Red Change Robes and Saltie Change Robes offer something that not many companies are doing well. Both companies have created a change robe that is waterproof to a high number, lined with top-quality moisture-wicking materials and made of recyclable materials.

When looking at the two brands the main differences that we can see are:

Saltie Sports change robes are waterproof to a much higher amount; 10000 compared to 8000 from Red Original.

Red robes have 5 pockets where as Saltie only offers 4 pockets. However, Saltie’s inner pocket is in an upright position, something that we feel makes a huge difference in keeping your belongings inside of it.

The other main difference is the price. Red change robe ranges from £159.95 – £164.95 whilst Salties only costs £139.95 making it up to £25 cheaper!

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