What are the benefits of a changing robe

What are the benefits of a changing robe

What is a change robe?

A changing robe may look like an oversized coat. They are made of waterproof material and lined with a moisture-wicking fleece try material. They are usually very oversized with large armholes.  This makes it easier to bring your arms inside and get your clothes on and off without a struggle.

What is a change robe used for?

A change robe or a drying robe as it can be known was originally created by surfers for athletes and amateur sportspeople. They realised that they wanted to surf all year round however when it came to the colder months it was almost unbearable when they got out of the water. So, the warm change robe was invented by Cornish surfer Gideon Bright that is now known as the brand DryRobe. Since then, tons of dryrobe alternatives have popped up on the market each offering something slightly different.

A change robe now has a multitude of different uses with various sportspeople adapting it as their own. Swimming robes are hugely popular with the increase in cold water swimming plus, other water sports such as paddleboarding. Today, runners, mountain bikers and campers plus, parents cheering on their kids from the sidelines all swear by their change robe.

Due to how warm and waterproof they are, there has also been an increase in people using their change robe for activities such as dog walking and horse riding, who’s have thought it?

A changing robe is not only used for keeping you warm but also, for getting changed in (hence the name). They are oversized and large enough for you to easily pull your arms inside and slip out of your wet gear in private.

In addition to privacy, a change robe also provides protection from the elements as you change.

The towelling or fleece material on the inside also dries your body as you move around, which means there’s less chance of making a dry change of clothes damp.

How should a change robe fit?

As mentioned, a change robe should be oversized. They are long in length and wide in width to provide the wearer with ample space to get changed out of their wet clothes and into their dry ones.

Large sleeves make it easy to pull your arms inside to undress and redress while preventing anyone from seeing beneath the robe. There should be room enough to move around inside the robe without it catching or riding up. The change robe should also have a large oversized hood and large pockets.

Most sellers of a dry change robe offer their robe in different sizes which are usually based on your height.

You can view our size chart here.

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Do I need a changing robe?

If you’ve been reading this and so far thinking “that sounds like me” then a change robe could be exactly what you need! If you ever find yourself looking for a spot with a bit of privacy to get changed in, often feel cold when getting out of the water or even find that you are spending more and more time in the cold outdoors getting wet whilst going for walks or watching a football match then a dry change robe is certainly what you need this year!

Besides the convenience and privacy, being able to leave the water and instantly be warm and dry saves a huge amount of time. A dry changing robe also allows you to jump straight into the car or a beachside bar without dripping water onto seats or sitting in unpleasant damp clothing.

The advantages of changing robes?

So, what really are some of the benefits of owning a change robe?

Freedom to change wherever and whenever you need

If there are no changing facilities available where you plan to swim, dive, surf, or SUP, we all know what a struggle it will be to hold a towel and remove wet swimwear with one hand or stay in your wet gear.

A changing robe provides you with another option by keeping you covered, with room to easily get changed out of your wet gear, no matter where you are.

Warm up and dry off quickly

Wrapping up and warming up straight after getting out of cold water prevents the loss of body heat and preserves the energy needed to maintain your body temperature. A changing robe that dries the body will ensure you are less likely to become ill or experience muscle stiffness from tensing up in the cold.

Protect you from the elements with a waterproof change robe

All our change robes are waterproof. The external waterproofing prevents outside moisture from getting in while also keeping the cold wind off you. This allows you to change in comfort without shivering. It also means that a change robe is perfect for protecting you from the elements when you are outside in the cold weather. ot just when you’re changing.

What are the features of Saltie Elite Robe?

There are many waterproof changing robes out there on the market. However, some are far superior to others. That’s because of the functionality that it has and the materials used to make them.

Now, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet too much (actually, we do) but, after rounds of perfecting our Saltie Robe it really is up there with some of the best, and here’s why.

  • Made of plant-based BIONIC-FINISH® ECO durable water-repellent finishing
  • Made of sustainable 100% recycled materials
  • Ultra-warm internal lining made from elite synthetic lambs wools lining
  • Two-way YKK® Zip
  • 4 pocket space (2 inners and 2 outers)

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Saltie Elite Change Robe here!

So, whether you are planning on watching your kids play football, starting a new sport or you just want a new extra warm coat for your winter walks, as you can see, a waterproof changing robe is essential for the winter months.